[CONCEPT] Beco do Robin, for Netflix

To announce Titans, the series where Robin finally becomes protagonist, me and my team at Mutato made a fake protest in the famous alley of São Paulo called “Batman’s Alley”. From when we shooted until Netflix comes out to recognize that as one of its campaigns, no one was sure about that. Lots of people…

[CONCEPT] [SCRIPTS] A quinta de PLL, for Netflix

For this one I went from concept, to scriptwriting, to editing assistance. As one of the Netflix Brasil community managers, I knew back on 2016 there wasn’t one thing the fans would beg fot more than season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. So I starterd to think how sad it would be from then on,…

[CONCEPT] [SCRIPTS] Trai ou Não Trai?, for Netflix

As usually, Netflix Brasil talks about its users’ behaviors, and when it comes to cheating (even if it’s just about watching a show ahead of your beloved one), there’s no greatest name in Brazil to speak it up: João Kleber. I wrote this script in collaboration with Mutato team.

[CONCEPT] [SCRIPTS] Binge in Public, for Netflix

Scriptwriting for Netflix Brazil campaign about the behavior of watching series in public (which became a thing after the download feature). I wrote this one while on Mutato, and the video is produced by Pródigo.