Que Mário?

Olá, my name is Mario Lemes, an elder millennial, and I am – let’s say – a writer. I work mostly as a copywriter because, you know, advertising pay my bills. But I can also write TV scripts, comic books, poems, cake recipes and love letters for imaginary lovers.

Besides writing, I tend to adore most things related to audio-visual, so if you woke up this morning thinking “would Mario participate in that new film project I’m about to start?”, just leave the shadows of the doubts behind because now you know the answer: yes!

For 7 years I had the luck to work in campaigns for entertainment products, such as movies, series and… Well, pretty much movies and series. So I can say that’s my forté.

If even after reading this way too honest description you still want to contact me, please, send an email to ola@mariolemes.com .

See also my Linkedin.

Hope to see you soon.

Obrigado 😉

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